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Hello and welcome!

Little Island Bridge is a handmade picnic and home goods line based out of Southern California.

I’m a mom with four young-adult children, an outdoor enthusiast and the creator of Little Island Bridge. I started Little Island Bridge in 2018 with the idea to create products that make it easier for people to enjoy good company and make wonderful memories with the people they love.

I  create high quality, stylish picnic blankets, easy to use picnic kits and food accessories that make it easy and irresistible to create quality time together. Each blanket, basket, and picnic kit is handcrafted in the USA with high quality, durable fabrics made to withstand the test of time.

This season, I launched 2 new collections– offering reusable snack and bread bags, "Picnic for 2" sets, lunch sacks and more. Little Island Bridge’s journey has only just begun… so be sure to sign up for our mailing list and to check back often– there’s so much more in the works! My intention is to provide plenty of inspiration to spread out a blanket, enjoy some good food, drinks, and make a lifetime of memories together.

My best,

Erin Hurray


Little Island Bridge

Corona Del Mar, CA