PICNIC FOR TWO - picnic ready kit

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Everything you need to jumpstart your picnic adventures!

Just add a few of your favorite bites and your beverage of choice, and you're picnic ready in a flash. These beautiful kits include everything from a handmade picnic mat to utensils, plates, cups and perfectly portable food containers all stacked into a chic handmade tie-front bag. 

Stash your kit in the car and you'll have everything you need for impromptu date nights, road trip picnics, beachside bites, wine tasting, and afternoon picnics in the park. Perfectly portable for outdoor movies, concerts, and festivals.

Makes the perfect wedding shower, anniversary, valentine's or mother's day gift! Also makes a spectacular lunch kit. 


Each set includes:

  • Handmade Tie-Front Premium Cotton Bag in your choice of colors
  • A Matching 25" x 25" Premium Fabric Picnic Mat featuring premium 100% cotton upper 
  • Your choice of... 2 Plastic Govino Wine Glasses, 2 Plastic Govino Champagne Glasses OR Two Melamine Q Squared Mugs
  • A 3 Layer Stainless Steel Food Safe Bento Box measuring 4" x 5.5" x 2.75"
  • Eco Friendly Biodegradable Palm Leaf Plates
  • 2 Sets Biodegradable Wood Utensils
  • 2 Paper Napkins